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Do you love Hiphop, Lofi, Electronic, Hardcore / Jungle, Funk, Synthwave and more?

Well you’re sure to love ‘FIENDISH LIVE’!

LIVE DJ sets and shows will be streaming LIVE from FIENDISH STUDIO every week starting in October 2023!

You can listen to ‘FIENDISH LIVE’ here at over at!

‘FIENDISH LIVE’ will be available as an audio / video experience too via the FIENDISH RADIO Mixcloud page / player!

Also watch out for ‘FIENDISH LIVE’ audio / video replays coming to FIENDISH & FIENDISH RADIO YouTube channels. Subscribe now via the icons below!

FIENDISH RADIO & FIENDISH LIVE are in active development here at FIENDISH STUDIO, so keep zoned in here for more info, updates and other exciting shows.  



  • Are you diggin’ the FIENDISH songs you’re hearing?

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Check out the new ‘FIENDISH Music Player’.

Using the FIENDISH Music Player, you can play any of the 28 Lofi, Hiphop, Electronic tracks by FIENDISH that were released between 2018 and 2023 via Waxplant Records.

That’s two 10 track albums and two 4 track EPs with more FIENDISH Music out soon! 

Links are included within the FIENDISH Music Player that will allow you to find FIENDISH songs on your favourite music streaming platforms. That way you can Follow FIENDISH on Spotify and add FIENDISH songs to your playlists to listen later and share with your buds.

Streaming / Buy now links included in the FIENDISH Music Player are – 

  • Amazon Music
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  • YouTube Music

All FIENDISH Music will be available to buy from the FIENDISH SHOP shortly. With links to purchase individual songs, full albums and EPs within the FIENDISH Music Player itself.

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