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FIENDISH NEWS – September 2023

Wednesday September 27th 2023.

The all new FIENDISH Music Player is now LIVE! 

Find it over at the all new FIENDISH page at

The entire FIENDISH music back catalogue of releases via WAXPLANT RECORDS will be added over the coming days. The songs will feature links to buy & stream on all your favourite digital music platforms!

The FIENDISH Gallery (Featuring Art, Design and other images from the FIENDISH archives), FIENDISH RADIO Player and FIENDISH ARCADE YouTube Playlists will all be posted up over the coming days and weeks for you to enjoy.

Also the new FIENDISH SHOP powered by Woo Commerce is now in development and will be stocked with FIENDISH music, art, clothing, merch and more!

Progress is being made on the upgrades to the FIENDISH TROOP members portal here at too, more news on that later as things develop.

Well, that’s all the FIENDISH NEWS to share just now.. 

Stay FIENDISH   F . 1

Wednesday September 20th 2023.

New FIENDISH Music Player, Gallery & ‘FIENDISH TROOP’ Membership is in development here at FIENDISH STUDIO.

Click/tap here to check out the progress on the FIENDISH TROOP page!